30-minute Genealogy Appointments

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Program Type: History & Genealogy
Age Group: Adult
Registration is closed because no more seats are available.


30-minute appointments with Alexis Graham, Genealogy Coach, who can assist individuals who may want to start a family tree and aren't sure how. She also works with the more experienced genealogist in need of an 'extra set of eyes' or a brainstorming partner.

Schedule time with Alexis if you're interested in:

  • - Starting a family tree
  • - Learning Ancestry.com research skills
  • - Developing research goals and strategies
  • - Accessing the hundreds of free online data bases and archives
  • - Planning and beginning field research
  • - Writing biographical narratives

Areas of interest: early settlers of New York, New England, Eastern Great Lakes, and westward migration to the Great Plains.

30 years research experience including 'old school' letter writing, research trips and internet searches.
Member of the Capital District Genealogy Society, currently serving as a Board Trustee.

Please register for appointments in advance. Registration will begin four weeks prior to the date of the appointment.